Welcome to Wei Wei Dumplings!

Wei Wei Dumplings is a little food education and catering company that brings a taste of  home-style northern Chinese food to Jamaica Plain. Wei Wei Dumplings will be treating customers to our authentic style of dumplings, popular in northern China. and teach you how to make Chinese Jiaozi(home-style dumplings) and share its culture with you. These delicious dumplings and home-style healthy dishes are the perfect treat for your tummy.

About Wei Wei Dumplings.

I was really craving dumplings when my older daughter Wei Wei was in my belly and started making all kinds of dumplings. I shared them with family and friends, everyone loved it. Now you know where the name comes from! I was also having trouble finding the flavor of the traditional dishes that I craved from North China and so I had to recreate these foods myself. It brings me joy to share with my friends and family, and now with you these authentic flavors

These home-cooked dumplings are easy to store and reheat, giving you a family-style home-cooked meal with no hassle.