Party & Team Building

Dumplings making party.

Don’t have an idea for your next party? Want to invite Wei Wei dumplings to your party? We teach you how to make dumplings from scratch, we will also bring some delicious home-style dishes. Can we do kids party? Yes of course. They may make some messes but they will have some fun hand-on cooking experience.

Let us know your ideas and we would love to help you to make a fun and memorable party.

Looking for team building activities?

Team building suppose to be fun! Our 2 hours dumpling making session creates an opportunity to work together with other people. The participants will learn some basic cooking techniques- make dumplings wrappers and how to create a filling . Once our participants have some hands on experience, they will form small teams and each team will cook up a storm within a set amount of time. At the end of the class, we will have a blind tasting games to make this team building experiences more fun and competitive. Write to us if you are interested!