Wei Wei classes

Wei Wei Dumplings provides you with the opportunity to learn about traditional Chinese food culture and cooking techniques.

Who is Wei Wei Dumplings?

I grew up in Beijing, China. I love dumplings! At the Chinese New Year or other family occasions, the older generation would get together to make dumplings and the kids would run around and watch how to make dumplings. At dinner time, the whole family would then sit together to eat the dumplings. Now that I’m away from my home town, making dumplings is a way for me to connect with my roots. I want to share this beautiful experience with more people!

About the lesson-

All our classes are 2 hours. We provide all the equipment and ingredients. Our events are casual and meant to be fun and instructive. We’ll cook and eat all of dumplings to enjoy with friends at the end of class.

Do you know that we can also come to your hours to teach and you will get a group rate if more than 5 people?

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