Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long do the dumplings last after I receive them?

The dumplings are good for 4 days in the refrigerator after delivery date. However the wrapper could be dry. So try to eat them on the day.

Do the food contain allergens?

All meals are prepared in our commercial kitchen where nuts are present and residual cross contamination could be possible.

Can I cancel the order once I placed?

Your order can be cancelled up until the order deadline (8PM, Sundays.)

What happens to my order if I am not home to receive delivery?

We will attempt to call you to notify you we are at your door. If you are not there, we will leave your meals at your doorstep. We encourage you to be home for the delivery.  Wei Wei dumplings is not responsible for stolen, or damaged meal bundles.

How do I warm up leftover dumplings? 

The best way is to pan fry.  Add a little oil into the pan. Put the leftover dumplings on low heat for a couple of minute on each side.

You can also microwave them however, the skin will be soggy.

How do I warm up leftover Baozi?

Cover the baozi with damp towel, then microwave them for a minute (for 2 baozi) if in the fridge. 3 mins if they are frozen.

How do I cook frozen dumplings?

Yes, our dumplings freeze very well and are good for a party or emergency meal.

The full cooking instructions dumplings are here .You can order them anytime.

Do your prices include tax?

Yes, all our prices include tax and are “round” numbers. This means that the price you see is the price you pay. All taxes are included.