Teach at your house

We are very excited to offer our classes in your house. You will be getting a group rate if more than 4 people attend the class.

All our classes are 2 hours. We provide all the equipments and ingredients.Our events are casual and meant to be fun and instructive. We’ll cook and eat all of dumplings to enjoy with friends at the end of class.

A, Dumpling making class

You will be learning how to make the dough from scratch, how to roll out the wrappers, how to make traditional Chinese dumplings three ways, There will be both vegetarian and meat fillings. No experience requested.

B. Gluten-Free dumpling making class

Love dumplings but can not handle wheat? Come and try to make your own gluten-free dumpling wraps. A vegetarian Gluten-free filling will be available. It is not easy to make however it is fun to make. We are going to try a couple of recipes for the dough and see what texture is turn out.. 

C. Kids & parent dumpling making class (6&Over)

Do your kids love cooking? Do they love eating dumplings? Do you want your kids to learn more about cooking and different cultures? Come and join Weiwei Dumpling kids and parents dumpling-making class. They will be introduced to some ingredients and spices, and use the pre-made dumpling dough to create their own fillings. Parents can learn with kids and help them to be creative with all kinds of vegetables.

Cost : For 4-7 people -55/per person. For 8 & more- 49/Per person.

Please contact us @ weiweidumplings@gmail.com if any questions.