Yi Chinese Card Club

About Yi Chinese Card Club

As a mother of two, I realize many things I love to do have become rare luxuries. One of those things is playing cards with friends and family, which is an important part of Chinese culture. In China, we love to sit together with multiple generations enjoying card games and company. If you don’t get to play card games as often as you like to because of your kids’ schedule, family dinner obligations, space or a million other reasons, I’d like to provide an opportunity to do so. I’ve decided to start a Chinese card club in JP! Adults and children would both be welcome- We provide dinner ane a babysitter and activities will be provided for children so adults with children can play cards. If you don’t know how to play, don’t worry, we would be happy to teach you.

What games do we play?

1Dou Di Zhu (3 players )

Dou Di Zhu (斗地主, Fight the Landlord) is a very popular card game in China. Dou Di Zhu is often played as a gambling game- don’t worry we won’t be gambling. The three-player card game has two teams: a landlord (one player) and peasants (the other two players). The peasants work together to compete against the landlord.

2 Sheng Ji (4 players)

Sheng Ji (Level Up) is part of a family of partner-based, trump, trick-taking card games played in China and in Chinese immigrant communities. While the bidding system is much simpler than bridge making it more accessible, the game play offers perhaps more depth requiring a combination of memory, planning and finesse.

Game night information:

Food will be ready by 545PM. Card plays 630pm or whenever people feel like. Night ends at 830PM. Tickets are $12 for both kids and adult.

Date: Friday Feb 28th 2020

Venmo: @sandy-wang-18

Paypal you can pay here or @ sandy.wang.us@gmail.com